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My Uncle Ken

Posted by Dave Winer, 6/15/99 at 8:15:19 AM.

The Great VaVaVoom is my uncle Ken. He made this name up for himself, it's part of his personal mythology.

Twenty years ago when we used to hang out at his hippie commune near Crescent Beach he would tell visitors that he dreamed someday of talking to cute chicks on the beach, introducing himself as a professional wrestler named The Great VavaVoom.

He was married at the time to my aunt Dorothy, so as far as I know, he never did try this out.

Ken's house in Florida where the Great VavaVoom myth started.

A professional wrestler?

If you saw my Uncle Ken, you might believe that in a former life he was a professional wrestler. He has a big white beard and white hair, an enormously loud laugh, and is a great story-teller. In his stories he's usually the hero. But there's always a lesson, and a big laugh, sometimes several. I've even started to give his stories numbers. We're in the low hundred-thousands now. I've heard most of the stories many thousands of times! I love my uncle, and his stories, even though sometimes I wish he wouldn't tell the same ones over and over and over.

Anyway, he's been getting interested in the web, and he's single again, and he lives on hippie beaches all over the world, although he's most often found at Negril in Jamaica. He's going to get a digital camera and a laptop and he's going to take pictures of the cute babes on the beach, and if this catches on, it'll be a fun site for all people who are interested in beautiful women.

In our mythology, when this catches on, the babes will keep track of which beach VaVa is at, and show up there, in hopes of catching his eye, so they can be showcased on this site. This is our dream, mine and my uncle's!

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